APPEND extlinux not working if defined DTS

I’m facing a strange behavioral when trying to use APPEND in extlinux.conf.
If I define FDT, all APPEND is completly ignored, also without changing nothing of the original APPEND row.
I search for similar topics, but I only found this

In my case, I’m using a SD card dowloaded from NVIDIA site, and just add a DTS on /boot directory. I take care of using exactly the same kernel version (in my case, Linux jetson-nano 4.9.201-tegra).

FYI, I changed only the camera settings (removing imx219 and adding another sensor).


Can you attach an actual copy of your extlinux.conf file to the forum? Perhaps it is just a syntax error, e.g., a non-printing character. Also, you would need a serial console boot log for both cases:

  • Case of no FDT entry and APPEND works;
  • Case of FDT entry and APPEND fails.

I think it might be a known issue in rel-32.5.x release… upgrading to rel-32.6 may help.

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