Appending include search path.


I’m trying to compile a file which includes cxxabi.h, located in /usr/include/c++/3.4.3. This directory does not seem to be in the default include path of pgCC.

If I explicitly add the necessary directory to the search path with -I, it is added to the search path before the header shipped with pgCC.

Is there a way to append this directory to the default pgCC search path?

Thank you.

Files in the /usr/include/c++ area are specific to the native C++
compiler and C++ libraries. The pgCC C++ specific include area is


We do not yet support the IA64 ABI for C++, so cxxabi.h is not yet
available in this directory.

FYI, to add a default include path to pgCC, you would add the following line to the “siterc” file located in the PGI bin directory or to “.mypgcpprc” file in your home directory. Adding it to “siterc” would effect all users while adding it to “.mypgcpprc” would only effect your compilations.

append DEFCPPINC=/path/to/include/dir;
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Thank you

Where can I find more information about the configuration files?

In the release notes, there should be a section on customizing with siterc and user rc files.