: NVIDIA prepping GeForce GTX 285 for Mac Pro

Thought this was worthy of it’s own thread…I know I’m pre-ordering one as soon as they are listed online… :thumbup: : NVIDIA prepping GeForce GTX 285 for Mac Pro

I’m expecting it will be formally announced/unveiled, along with Snow Leopard / OpenCL details, at Apple’s WWDC in June…

This is great news, indeed! A powerhouse like the GTX 285 will definitely help showcase the abilities of OpenCL for Apple. (With the fringe benefit of supporting CUDA of course…)

:rolleyes: Yippee!! I have just seen a similar story here:…o-macs-in-june/

EVGA are now doing 2G 285 cards for the PC - let’s hope this Mac version really does exist and has that much memory. Anyone from NVIDIA willing to confirm details and $$?

I think that image is just a Photoshop. Two reasons:

  1. Do they really silkscreen “Mac Edition” on it?
  2. There’s no mini displayport video port. Apple’s moved to that across their whole line from desktops to laptops.

That doesn’t mean that Apple’s not blessing a new 285GTX for use with their DRMed hardware, just that the photo certainly isn’t real.

How exactly is Apple’s hardware “DRMed” ?

They restrict the use of third party hardware. You can’t just buy a 280GTX and plug it into a Mac Pro and make it work in OSX.

The ostensible reason is that the Macs need special EFI bios updates, but those updates are blessed by Apple. So if Apple doesn’t want you to use a certain board, you can’t.

EFI is touted as being superior, but this is a convenient pretense. In practice EFI on Apple products has been used for restricting hardware use, not opening or easing support.

I am going to order proper mac 285s as soon as I possibly can, but having been so provoked I have got this far… B)