Apple's OpenCL Procedural Grass and Terrain Example on Windows 7 64bit

Download the attached. Extract the zip file and double-click on the executable (virus free of course).
I have tried my best correcting the shader mistakes of Apple’s code. Inform me on this thread if the result on your NVIDIA is poor and I will try my best whenever I allocate time on this again.
Once again regarding OpenCL issue minimal amount of changes needed. Most of the problems I had was on OpenGL especially on the shaders.

Also a note : It runs only on NVIDIA GPGPU enabled cards and runs only on the GPU not CPU.


P.S : Please do not contact me regarding questions on OpenCL I am very busy this period. On June things will be more relaxed for me. :-) (308 KB)


You are aupposed to see something like this :

I have a GTX-460.