Application dies on startup with no errors

Hi, I can’t get NSight profiling to work on my computer. The problem is that the application (64-bit, DirectX 11.1) dies automatically when using “Start Graphics Debugging” or when using “Start Performance Analysis…” with DirectX trace selected (perf analysis works if selecting any other trace, but DirectX trace doesn’t work). I’m getting no errors in application log. NSight log only shows a list of “Shader created” and then “Shader unloaded” messages. Application works normally when just debugging.

Also, NSIGHT -> Windows menu only shows System info and nothing else.

System information: GTX 770, Windows 8.1, Visual Studio 2013 Pro with Update 5 CTP (tried plain Update 4 also) and NSight 4.2.14314 (tried 4.5 RC1 also). TDR delay is set to 30sec.

Am I missing something with my test setup? I’m trying to use local debugging setup in order to get shader stage profiling information. Is this even possible with a single GPU? Thanks for helping!

Hi arde,

Are you config your project’s Nsight User Settings? For example, your Launch tab and Synchronization tab should match the way you run your sample.

If you are sure your setting is OK, maybe it’s good to share your runnable binary files to us to do detail investigation.