Application Hang on NVIDIA Quadro P3000 and WPF and QT Application


We got an issue with our Application that only appears on notebooks with 2 Graphic cards.

At first some spec’s.
Windows Edition: Windows 10 Enterprise 64Bit
Version: 1703
Processor: Intel® Core i7 - 7820HQ CPU @ 2.90GHz
RAM: 32 GB
Graphic card 1 : Intel® HD Graphics 630
Graphic card 2 : NVIDIA Quadro P3000 (Driver version:

Our Application based on WPF and Host a QT 4 Application ( in its own Process) its doing some 3D rendering. The Qt Application is embedded in the WPF Window via an HwndHost.
We discover some strange behaviour. We minimize our Application and start some other programs like word/excel.
After like 10 minutes we maximize our Application again and the Application is not responding. It takes some minutes until it reacts for some user input.
By Looking on the dump files the WPF main thread is at
System_Windows_Forms_ni!System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.DefWndProc(System.Windows.Forms.Message ByRef)+56
The Qt Application main Thread is in some nvolgv32 functions:

Our Product run on many different machines (with only 1 graphic card) and we never experience this kind of behavior.

We tried some settings in NVIDIA Control Panel Application:
Global Settings:
OpenGL GPU -> Quadro P3000
Threaded Optimization -> Off

Application specific settings:
Our WPF Frameapplication and our QT Application uses the NVIDIA GPU card.

  • We disabled Hardware Acceleration.
  • On Bios we disabled the Intel® HD Graphics 630 card.

-> With all these modifications we still have the discribed issue.

By analysing the behavior with GPUView I can tell that our QT Application submitt only small DMA Packets (DMA size: 8 Byte).

Has anybody any idea what we can try or how we can better analyse this issue?