Application not lauching

When I try to drag and drop my application on the Nvda.Launcher.exe, the command line window briefly pops up, states that the process was started, then closes and the application is not started at all. This happens only with my particular application, I tried several others (from nVidia and Microsoft samples and those work fine). What are the possible causes?

I actually managed to get my application to launch by updating to the 4.0RC. The issue I am having now is that the graphs on the HUD do not display because of ‘one or more signals could not be initialized’ (see below). It is important to note that this is problem with only my particular application, other applications work fine.
I am using:
GTX 780 @ 335.23 Driver
Windows 8 Pro x64
Application uses DirectX9 and is 32bit


It is strange that you don’t see the HUDs for your application only. Do you happen to have another GPU installed on the machine (other than the GTX 780)? Do you have 2 GTX 780 (in SLI mode)? or is it the setup a Haswell (meaning that you have an intel integrated GPU as well)?

We just delivered Nsight 4.0 RC 2 build, do you mind trying that out?

If you still have the problem, would it be possible for me to get a hold of your binaries to reproduce and look at the problem?

I have single GTX in my system. I have, however, 4770K Haswell processor. Your response actually propted me to look at another thread where OP is having similar issue using Optimus technology. I therefore disabled my internal graphics in BIOS but it did not make any difference. I have upgraded to RC2, again with no success.

I took my time and extracted the bare minimum code that causes the problem to make the issue more transparent. Here is VS2013 project containing the source code and both Debug and Release builds:

(The application does not actually draws anything on the screen, only Clear()s and Presents()s empty frames)