Application not starting with graphics debugging

I’m having a problem where one of my applications doesn’t start up when running nsight graphics debugging. Visual studios output window shows that shaders are being loaded as expected but after that nothing more seem to happen, i.e. no window shows up. My application works fine when run normally or through the VS debugger.

Graphics debugging seem to work just fine when I run it in other projects though, so it’s probably something I’ve done in this particular project that’s causing the problem. Nsight / VS doesn’t report any problems/errors as far as I can see though and I’m unsure where to start looking for the problem.

Any hints or suggestions on where to start looking would be much appreciated.

Windows 7 64bit
Visual studio 2010 Ultimate SP1
OpenGL 4.2 - 32bit application


Could you update to the latest “final” 4.0 build that was release earlier this week and see if you still have issues? If you do, would it be possible to get a reproducible so we can look into fixing the issue? You can PM me.