Application to other frequencies of electromagnetic waves

Hi All,

I’m looking to see if OptiX can be used for propagation simulation in other parts of the spectrum.
For example, the rays may have different behaviour for reflection and diffraction if the frequency is not that of the visible light. I may also want to apply a different model for diffraction to generate rays with customised angles and quantity.

So my question is, can we define its interaction behaviour e.g. reflection, transmission, diffraction, scattering, etc.?
To this, I’ve only found the “ray generation program” that is used to spawn the rays at the start.

It would be great if there are existing applications of this kind.



Yes, OptiX is a ray casting SDK, not a renderer.
If you can solve something by shooting rays, you should be able to implement it with OptiX.
You as developer have full control about when and how to shoot rays. That includes simulation of any physical material properties you require.

There have been multiple different use cases for OptiX which are not image synthesis, like sound propagation, radiative heat transfer, radio transmission (car-to-car communication, antenna simulation, radar simulation, etc.) and many more.

Some of these topics had been discussed on this forum or presented on the GPU Technology Conferences.

I would recommend using OptiX 7.1.0 for new projects and then the same documentation and guideline links for starters described in this post apply: