Applications cannot be captured with Reverse PRIME Bypass

Hi there. I’m using Xubuntu 20.04 and driver version 465.27, and OBS Studio 26.1.2 in Flatpak for desktop capture.

I just tried out Reverse PRIME Bypass and it seems pretty nice, but I need to be able to record gameplay taking place on Reverse PRIME screens. It seems that the only frame that can be captured is the last frame displayed before bypass kicks in. Picom does automatic redirection based on when fullscreen applications are focused, so I was able to catch that specific behavior by switching focus to disable unredirection temporarily.

From the way that Reverse PRIME Bypass is described to work, it kind of makes sense that application capture doesn’t work, because it seems to cut through a lot of Xorg infrastructure that makes application capture possible to begin with. But there doesn’t seem to be a documented way to disable bypass outside of starting a compositor and disabling unredirection, which can introduce performance and/or latency overhead.

Is there an undocumented environment variable that will turn off Reverse PRIME Bypass, or another way to capture these applications?

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maybe you could try the nvfbc hack with obs to get image.