changes permission of custom rootfs

I’ve been trying to flash a custom rootfs using the jetpack scripts. It seems that after replacing the sample rootfs, with a custom one, and running the script, files with permissions as


are changed to


. This creates an immediate problem with being able to execute sudo commands, however, other programs e.g ping, are also affected (these commands only work when run with sudo now)

You must run with “sudo” (with root permissions):

# To a custom rootfs location:
sudo ./ -r /where/ever/it/goes
# Or to standard rootfs subdirectory:
sudo ./

Note that if anything was unpacked in the rootfs without sudo, then probably that component is no longer valid. If the only thing unpacked without root permissions was, then you only need to re-run with sudo. If you unpacked your sample rootfs there without sudo, then you need to start over after deleting the entire content of the rootfs.