Applying Tc358840 driver to a j130 board

I’m trying to get the tc358840 driver running on a JTX1 carried by a j130 auvidea board. For that I tried two solutions, both with no success :

  1. building from this repository : and following this guide :
    I’ve succeeded to build the image and dtbs but it appears that tegra210-jetson-tx1-p2597-2180-a01-devkit-hdmi-4k.dtb is missing for some reason and after replacing the files using the serial console, the jtx1 crashes at boot.

  2. Using auvidea tc358840 patch (jan. 2018 v2.3) from their website : The compressed file seems to be containing a built kernel (with image, dtbs, modules and some bootfiles as well as a tar of the kernel, probably here to serve as the header). Since there is no informations regarding how to install it and I have not received words from auvidea, I instinctively replaced the matching files in the jetpack folder (64_TX1/Linux_for_tegra_tx1/…) with those, then flashed. This time I get no feedback on screen.

Does someone succeeded to perform either of these solutions and could provide some guidance?
Thank you