Appropriate Mosaic modes for HTC Vive or other HMD.

I’m doing a little preliminary development for the Vive under Linux. My development workstation is triple-monitor, using BaseMosaic on a GTX690 (a dual-GPU card).

There are currently two setups that are functional:

  1. I can connect up to three displays with Mosaic turned on, and it will span the displays. Using the Vive in this mode disables one of my displays, and adds the Vive to the current desktop. Neither of these is desirable.
  2. I can turn off Mosaic. In this mode, I can have four live displays across 3 X screens. This breaks up my desktop, which is undesirable, but moves the Vive to its own display, which is strongly preferable.

I’m hoping nvidia can add support for a 3+1 mode (3 displays in Mosaic, and 1 on a separate screen), for dual-GPU configurations like mine. Moving the Vive (or other HMD) to its own X screen will likely be the preferred setup, since the window manager can be set up to ignore that screen and prevent the use of compositing: a “direct mode” for Linux.

Thank you.