Approved Wifi/Bluetooth Antenna


Do you have any approved cable for Jetson TX2 as a replacement for the W9009(Pulse).
In the P3 ‘Table 1. NVIDIA Compliant Countries’ of Jetson-OEM-Wireless-Compliance-Guide, a set of cable W9009(Pulse) and antenna W1043(Pulse) are approved in Japan as an approved code ‘MIC ID: 007-AG0141’.
However the cable W9009 is discontinued now.

So do you have any alternative cables for W9009?
There are new product ‘W9009C’ or ‘W9009M’ as in the Pulse X9XXX Models.


*Pulse X90XX Models

Hi, why do you want a replacement cable? Isn’t there one with your module? The certification is done with the antenna and cable with module, if you want to use other cable, its loss should be lower than the values in antenna cable loss table in the Guide doc.

Thank you,

So I need it because of the rules in my company.
So any other cable and antenna have not been approved in Japan, is this correct?