Apps not offloading to GPU


I have a Tesla GPU card in an ESXi host running Win10 VDI on XD7.15 (1GB frame buffer profile/virtual PC licensing). I don’t see a number of applications that I would expect to see offloaded to the vGPU. For example Bloomberg terminal is not offloading, is this dependent on the license type chosen ie:- virtual PC should it be Quadro wkstation? General apps like office and IE appear to be offloading fine.

What do you mean with offload? Encode? Decode? GPU Load?

Yes offloading to the GPU (not encode/decode) for instance running nvidia-smi (from a cmd prompt within the Win10 VM) does not show the Bloomberg process wintrv.exe or child processes. However it does show the likes Excel, Word, and IE etc. Is this expected behaviour?

When you run it on a physical machine, have you validated that it uses the hardware resources in the same way as the VM? So when you ran it on a physical machine, does it actually use the GPU and how did you monitor it?

Sometimes the application will have a setting in its "Settings" or "Preferences" where it needs to be told to use the GPU. May be worth double checking to see if that’s the case.



Thanks Ben for your reply. I will check to see if I can see a hardware acceleration setting or similar within the applications.