Appsrc+nvvidconv+appsink results in error

The environment is tx2 4G.
I am trying to reduce CPU usage in color space conversion from UYVY to RGBA.
So I setup a pipeline in my code using appsrc+nvvidconv+appsink, but as soon as I push a first UYVY frame into the pipeline, it reported internal data error and ceased to playing. could tell me what could be the reason? with GST_DEBUG, I can see the first error reported from nvvidconv. as in attached log, i.e.
0:00:45.825118624 11918 0x7f742f8230 DEBUG basetransform gstbasetransform.c:2323:gst_base_transform_chain: we got return error
please also check in attached sample codes.

best reagards
uyvy2rgba.cpp (5.5 KB) log.txt (28.2 KB) uyvy2rgba.cpp (5.5 KB)

any update?

Please refer to the sample:

The source is in RGBA format. You may change to UYVY and try.

thanks. following you sample and that works.