Apt update && apt upgrade and broken camera drivers

I’ve seen a few similar posts but I didn’t see anything exactly like what I’m asking. From my experience, and our SW team, RidgeRun. Whenever we run atp update && apt upgrade we have a high chance of breaking our camera drivers. This causes a tedious task of trying to figure out which packages we can upgrade. We use the IMX477 camera.

Does anyone know which packages are the ones that cannot be updated and locked to not break drivers as a general rule?

hello kevin89,

that’s due to apt upgrade will moving the BSP to later release version.
please check the documentation, Updating from the NVIDIA APT Server as see-also.

Not an answer per se, but I’ll recommend that whenever you do an “apt upgrade” you do so on command line and save a log. Example:
sudo apt upgrade 2>&1 | tee log_upgrade.txt
(then it lists all of the packages it touches…you could then manually revert individual packages to find the culprit)

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