APX driver

i’m new here.
i understand that JetPack is for Ubuntu only (native) but after i have the Nvidia box ready and burned i connect it to the laptop with Windows 10 and i start it with long press on the power and reset so i see in the device manager of Windows that i have APX driver is missing.
i have a screenshot.

I’m not positive about the issue, but the screenshot didn’t make it in. If you hover your mouse over the quote icon in the upper right corner of your existing post a paper clip icon will show up. The paper clip icon is how you attach a file to the existing post.

If you are speaking of flashing a Jetson, then the host must be Linux. There is no driver for flashing from Windows. When the Jetson is in recovery mode the micro-B USB connector will be visible, but there will not be any way for Windows to use this (a recovery mode TX2 isn’t bulk storage).

you right,
I added the screenshot.
i’m not speaking about flashing a Jetson, I know it is possible only from a native Ubuntu.
I just want to start in recovery mode, and see the jetson as another drive. see he attachment.

I understand that I cannot work with Jetson from Windows, right?
i’m using Qt device from Qt creator (which is also supported for Windows) and they have support for jetson and i’m trying to connect to the target. is it possible with Windows or do I need native Ubuntu?


There are so many smart phones and tablets out there which implement a device mode as bulk storage (which is what a USB hard drive is) that people assume that the micro-B connector implies bulk storage. Not so. How a port appears in device mode is up to software…it could be an ethernet card, it could be a camera, it could be a microphone, it could be something completely custom.

A recovery mode Jetson is not bulk storage, but is instead the latter completely custom device. Bulk storage drivers exist everywhere, but the “driver package” (see https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/linux-tegra-r2821 and search for “driver packages”) runs only on Linux (JetPack is a front end to the driver package plus package management). There is absolutely zero possibility of Windows having a driver for this since it is custom and not bulk storage, and the driver package runs only on Linux.

FYI, micro-B is used only on devices, micro-A (or any type-A) is used only on hosts. When a connector accepts both A and B (“OTG” or “On The Go”), then an ID pin tells the system which type is plugged in…after that it is up to software to pick what happens when that occurs. Unless some device function is programmed in, then the connector is just an inert wire.

Ubuntu would be by far the easiest way to work with the Jetson. You can use ssh (or scp and sftp to do file copies) to talk to the Jetson from Windows, but you won’t be able to drag and drop without an additional program. PuTTY is popular and free and is mostly like any standard command line tool. I think it is WinSCP which provides a free client with drag and drop where you could drag from the file explorer into a directory of the Jetson without command line (if I remember correctly the client is free but they hope you will buy a commercial SSH server…don’t ever install an SSH server on Windows if you don’t need it and understand what it is). FYI, if you install ssh key access, then that specific Windows system (or Linux system) can access ssh without a password and is very convenient.