AQR113C Design on P3737 DevKit

Dear NVidia Team

According to the Hardware Design Guide of the 10Gbit PHY AQR113C-B0-I, the crystal used should provide up to 350 uW drive strength. Now the one you use on the DevKit of the Orin AGX does “only” support ~200uW according to its datasheet:

Is this a mistake in the Design Guide of the PHY or why do you use the Crystal with lower drive strength?
Thank you.

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Hi, DL of 8Z50002001 is 300uW in max. And can you share your guide doc of AQR113C-B0-I? I don’t see such data in its data sheet.

Hi Trumany

We cannot share the guide as it is confidential. The document name is “Hardware Design Guidelines AQR11x-AQR11xC Doc Rev-v4.00.pdf” if you want to request it from Marvell. In chapter “3.10.2 Crystal” it is written:

The clock crystal to be used with the PHY must have jitter tolerance of +/- 50 ppm or better and be capable
of driving up to 350 μW.

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Got it, thanks. So far it works well. We are checking this internally, will update once available.

Hi, checked with vendor and get the feedback: 300uW will work fine. You will not have any issue in future. We recommend a higher value drive strength to keep a buffer.

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