AR0521 Camera for Jetson Nano supports 100 fps

We are delighted to announce the launch of most popular 1/2.5-inch AR0521 based 5MP MIPI camera for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™. With its large pixel size and higher Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), it can produce extraordinary clear, sharp images even in lowlight with lesser noise and produces accurate color reproduction. It can be used in variety of applications where HD @ 100fps and FHD @ 60fps is required.

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Features & Benefits :

  • 1/2.5-inch AR0521 image sensor with 2.2μm x 2.2μm pixel BSI technology
  • Large sensor and pixel size helps to collect more light and delivers superior image quality in challenging lighting conditions

  • High Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • Helps to produce stunning images with lesser noise even in lowlight

  • High-performance Image Signal Processor (ISP)
  • Performs all the Auto functions (Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure control) and brings out best-in-class video in uncompressed UYVY from the sensor

  • HD @ 100fps and FHD @ 60fps – UYVY
  • High quality HD video playback

Target Applications

→	 Kiosk	 
→	 Helper Robots	 
→	 Biometrics	 
→	 Parking lot management	 
→	 Perimeter Security Systems