Aravis API + USB3 Vision Camera + Jetson TX1/TX2

Has anyone successfully tested the Aravis Viewer on the NVidia Jetson TX1/TX2 with a USB3 Vision Camera?

On a x86 Ubuntu 16.04 machine the arv-viewer works fine with a Basler pUA1280-54um monochrome USB3 Vision Camera, but it doesn’t quite work on the NVidia Jetson TX2.

What happens is I get maybe a moment or two of good video before it stutters.

I tried increasing the memory buffer that Ubuntu allocates to USB3, but that didn’t seem to help. I also tried maximizing the clocks, but that didn’t help either.

My next step it to see where the bottleneck is.

I’m also considering donating an TX1 to the Aravis project, but to me this is something NVidia should strongly consider doing. The aravis package allows customers of the TX1/TX2 to select from a wide range of USB3 Vision cameras without having to work with whatever API the camera vendor has.

So far here is the results I’ve had with Aravis on the Jetson TX1/TX2

On the PointGrey FL3-U3-32S2C-CS it works correctly if I lower the frame rate down to around 5fps on the TX1 or around 10fps on the TX2. It doesn’t immediately start to work, but within a few seconds it seems to settle down where the video is good.

It also seems to work if I bin the image down at the camera.

So it appears to work if the bandwidth requirements are brought down.

I still can’t get the Basler camera to work no matter what I do. But, for the PointGrey FL3 cameras it seems to work.