Arch / EndeavourOS eGPU detected everywhere, but display are blank


I have a Lenovo P52 running EndeavourOS. It has a dGPU: (Quadro P2000) and an iGPU (Intel UHD Graphics 630).

I also have a eGPU (Aorus Gaming box with a GTX 1080).

What I’d like is to be able to use my laptop integrated screen as well as the monitors attached to the eGPU. Right now, only my laptop display is working.

My GPU is detected in nvidia-smi as well as in the gnome settings app and in the nvidia-settings app.

While taking screenshots for this post, I noticed that displays are being rendered somewhere:

In nvidia X server settings, I can see all the displays, but they’re disabled. I need to create a new X screen to enable them. When I create the new X screen and click save, I get this error:

(there’s no text in “show preview” on the saving screen)

… (see 1st comment)…

Thank you for the help! :)

I’m using gswitch to switch between integrated and egpu. Here’s my xorg.conf file:

xorg.conf.egpu.txt (246 Bytes)

Here’s my nvidia-bug-report: nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (719.8 KB)

I fixed it by removing optimus-manager-qt and optimus-manager and then reboot.