ArduCam 8MP IMX219 Red Tint


I’m using this ArduCam (Arducam 8MP Sony IMX219 Camera Module w/ CS lens 2718 (Raspberry Pi) - RobotShop) connected to a Jetson Nano with JP4.5.

I’m able to get images from it, but they appear with red tint shades:

After adjusting the ISP as suggested here: Fix Red Tint with ISP Tuning - Arducam the results are better, but still far from optimal:

Is there any ISP file that is more suited for this camera available? Or am I missing some configurations to make it working better?

Thank you in advance!

Hi fazevedo,

The ISP tuning depends on the sensor and lens. So, probably the ISP configuration file that you downloaded is not compatible for the IMX219 model that you have. I actually tested this ISP configuration file using the basic IMX219 module and I don’t see this red tint.

I believe that ARDU cam website should specify that this calibration file may not work for all the available IMX219 camera modules. In your case it seems that you would need a specific ISP calibration for the model that you are using.

You can check this wiki for more information about the ISP calibration: Custom_ISP_Configuration


Hi @EnriqueR,

Thank you for your reply.
I’ve contacted ArduCam with this problem and I will keep this thread updated with the solution provided by them, in case someone else faces the same issue.

After contacting ArduCam support, they replied with the following:

Yes, the ISP tuning file is not fully adapted to the lens of this camera. Unfortunately, Nvidia has not opened the ISP tuning tool to us, so we cannot provide a fully suitable tuning file.

Therefore, I’ll try to contact NVIDIA to check if they have some solution to this.

I’ve contact ArduCam in the past, and they also mention that they required help from NVidia to produce the ISP tuning files.

Does anyone has any update in that regard? I’ve a couple of Jetson Nanos + ArduCam, and they all look pretty useless like this…

Same problem :-( no overrides config work for my IMX219 from wondershare