Arducam CSI to USB UVC Camera Adapter

Hallo Everyone,
I have a Sony IMX477 Camera and i want to connect it to jetson nano 2GB as a USB Camera.
Is it better to use (Arducam CSI to USB UVC Camera Adapter Board for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera 12.3MP IMX477 Camera Board)??
is it a good Solution to to run the Camera without extra driver or some Installations??
It help me to take Photos and record Videos easier?


Nano 2GB is supporting Raspberry pi v3, imx477.
however, it’s a CSI camera with flex ribbon cable into the J5 camera connector.

it’ll detect as normal usb camera sensor if you’re using CSI to USB adapter board, and you can only use v4l2src to access the camera stream. nvarguscamerasrc and Argus do not support with usb cameras.

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