Arducam IMX477 based camera opinion

Hi, I’m checking arducam cameras based in IMX477, but I read they give the image in RAWan it do not use the ISP on Jetson. They told me it is tested them on NX, on in Nano, and as the ISP is different in both Jetson, we think probably will have Image issues.

Anyone can share some thoughts about don’t use the ISP (advantages or disadvantages) and opinion if tested one?
Modify RPI camera is an issue for me (but I will do if is needed) and I cannot afford a Leopard Imaging camera

hello fpsychosis,

may I know what’s the actual use-case.
suppose you’re using MIPI-CSI sensors, according to Camera Architecture Stack, you’ll need to perform demosaic for RAW sensors, which handled by [CameraCore].
you may also accessing the RAW data from MIPI-CSI via v4l2 standard controls, but you’ll need to handle demosaic by yourselves.
if you’re choosing YUV or USB sensors, which handle singling process by it’s own. you may using v4l2src for your camera solutions.

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