ArduCams for Xavier (work with Nano)

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I am very new in the field of Jetson modules, so I have a question here:
I found the ArduCams which work im combination with the Nano. I know, the Nano has a direct CSI Connector onboard and the Xavier doesn’t have it(there is a connector and a carrier board is required). If I would build my own carrier board and connect the camera board of ArduCam the same way as with the Nano (GNDs, VDD, SCL, SDA, MIPI0N, MIPI0P, MIPI1N, MIPI1P, CLKP, CLKN, IO0, IO1) and use the same demo code as used for the Nano, would this scenario work for me or are there problems regarding drivers? I would use the same code which can be found here: Only OpenCV and Numpy are used here.

I would really appreciate your help.

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If it’s HW compatible you still need to integrate the driver from the vendor to make it working.
Have a reference to below link to know how to implement the sensor driver and how to build a customize kernel image.