Are devs working on Prime recognizing AMD instead of Intel?

I have a hybrid AMD/NVIDIA GPU system. I have Prime set up properly, and everything works as expected, except that everything that should be labelled as “AMD” is labelled as “Intel”. I know I can just ignore it and selecting Intel will activate my AMD GPU, but I’m wondering why? It appears that everything is hardcoded to only label non-NVIDIA devices as “Intel”. It’s extremely simple to detect what GPU brands are on a Linux system. This should be something that’s quickly and easily fixed. Are the developers working on fixing this at all?

Can you elaborate on where you’re seeing Intel listed? The driver itself should be pretty agnostic about which GPU is on the other side of the PRIME configuration, although I think some of the documentation might still refer to Intel specifically.

If you’re referring to the gpu-manager tool, that’s an Ubuntu thing. They also add a PRIME configuration page to nvidia-settings using an Ubuntu-specific patch.

I was mostly referring to the Prime configuration page in nvidia-settings. I wasn’t aware that was an Ubuntu-specific patch. I apologize for asking in the wrong place and taking up your time. I’ll take this to them instead. Thank you for the information!