Are DGX-2s Linux only?

Sorry that this isn’t exactly a CUDA question, but this is by far the forum most active with experts.

The company I work for owns a DGX-2 and was looking to install Windows on it, but I had heard some murmurs that DGX-2s are Linux only pieces of hardware. Can anyone confirm definitively one way or the other before I waste a few days trying to switch it over to Windows?

The only supported OS(es) for DGX family products at this time are Linux OSes. Ubuntu and Redhat.

Thanks Robert,
On that note - the company has managed to get a DGX-1 working with windows (Absolutely stably), so I guess it’s really just ‘try it for yourself’? Are there any records of anyone managing to get Windows working on a DGX-2 then?


Sorry, I misread your question.

I have no information on anyone using Windows on DGX-2