Are MAC's the ideal platform for openCL development as of now?

Are they? Can openCL programs be debugged on the CPU and then executed on the CPU or GPU? Is there better support? Anything negative? Let me know, thanks.

The OS X OpenCL implementation for NVIDIA GPUs has significant performance overheads in 10.6.2, compared with the same hardware used on Linux or Windows.

I would say it’s too immature for serious development. We are currently pushing CUDA on OS X (which performs well and equally with other platforms) and OpenCL on Linux and Windows. Since there is a CPU implementation from AMD for Linux and Windows, and the GPU NVIDIA driver supports printf-style debugging, both of those platforms are better options at this time.

printf-style debugging on Windows?

Can you tell me how you managed this to work?

I using GPU Computing SDK 3.0 Beta as well as the corresponding drivers and it doesn’t work. Neither does it work with ATI Stream 2.0.1 on CPU.

Tried both on Windows 7 64-Bit (Nvidia 8500 GT).

I also tried printf in kernel on my MacBook and there it works without problems.

What I can say is Mac is the most stable right now. If I have something weird go wrong, my first reaction of trying it on OSX has paid off more than once.