Are ROS_Bridge C++ nodes open source?

I am trying to control a robot with the Ros1SubscribeJointState node, I want to test in effort mode but I believe it is not supported.
I get the following error:
2023-03-30 20:51:00 [Error] [omni.graph.core.plugin] /Root/ActionGraph/ros1_subscribe_joint_state: size of joint velocity array does not match number of joints

I would like to inspect the code and make my own plugin that supports it, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Hi @victor.lopez1 - Someone from our team will review and provide answer to your question.

the C++ nodes are not open sourced, which is, as you suspected, why you can’t find it.

and while we do in theory support effort control, but you actually pointed out a bug in our effort control, so we’ll have to fix it on our end. Thanks.

Meanwhile though, you may want to look into writing your own node that does what you want. (Python, C++)