Are subsurface effects ON with my CC character?

I try to activate subsurface effects on CC character.
See my video:

There is first have with a sphere with a skin native OmniSurface preset skin. We have Subsurface ON.

Then later on the video I import that same saved USD sphere with that skin texture to a scene with my CC character.

I want to know is the subsurface scattering effect now ON also with that characters skin? I see very little difference when I render this scene:

So do we have it enabled now on this above render??

Compared to the render I made yesterday:

I do see the effect of subsurface scattering in the above pic. For CC characters, it seems the subsurface scattering is on by default.

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Can you post a screengrab of your render settings for > Path-Tracing section?

Here you have them…

Thanks for posting those screengrabs. Can you try these settings and let me know if you see any changes

Oh yes what a difference! Thank you miguelg!

Hey, the renders at Real Illusion website are all a bit “rougher” on the skin, more crispy small detail. Do I have any controller on these with Omniverse? I am about to buy this Realistic Human Skin | Digital Human Essential but before purchase I would like to know…

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When you say a bit " rougher" what do you mean?

to bring out more of the skin imperfection details.

The roughness on the skin detail typically comes from the map. If is on the texture it should be fine in Omniverse. And you can dial the contribution amount in the shader in OV. So that should not be a problem.

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Thank you, it looks like it has to be done in CC and not in OV.

I tried to play with:
roughness multiplier 1.3
micro normal strength 1

But they do not make it look more realistic, the default values are the best:

I have to buy the Realistic Human Skin | Digital Human Essential

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