Are the advanced examples supported by OSX?

I recently downloaded the advanced examples, but came to a few errors during make on OSX 10.11.
At first the sutil seems to be calling the methods from OpenGL 2.x API which is deprecated and causing errors on my machine.
I tried to work around this by substituting the sutil.cpp and sutil.h files with those from the SDK. No more API methods errors occurred. But a new one showed saying a linking error regarding to the OptiX lib and x86_64 architecture.
I wonder if the advanced examples are not currently intended to run on on OSX. Or is there something else that I should do to build it on my machine?

No, the advanced samples are not currently supported on OSX. If there’s enough interest we could probably get them to work.

I’ve figure it out. Thank you. Awesome sample programs!

Cool, so did you get the advanced samples to build on OSX? If the changes were fairly trivial, feel free to post them, or send me a diff on github or @