Are there any ways to flash TX1 and determine target(TX1) ip with wifi only

I see on some demo and documentation, we need to connect target(TX1) and host(desktop/laptop) to a same modem.

I am wondering whether there are any ways to flash TX1 and determine its ip with wifi only?

Actually I found that after flashing TX1, the newly installed Ubuntu 14.04 does not allow connection to wifi with with wifi switch on the top right of the menu bar.

WiFi is not supported in combination with JetPack. I’ve not heard of this succeeding with JetPack.

Thanks linuxdev!

Actually we can connect the target amd do post installation on TX1/2 through wifi with following steps, as mentioned in the tutorial:

1.Select “Device get IP assigned by DHCP server on host and access Internet via host machine” in Network Internface selection;
2.After flashing an OS image on the target, wait till the target boot successfully, and connect it with wifi (in a same local network)
3.In the “post installation” Xterm, select 1.Retry to determine target IP or select 2.Enter target IP manually: check ip on the target with ifconfig and then input to the host;
4.Enter and proceed, and the installation will continue normally.