Are there known problems with nvcompositor or Opencv in r32.3.1?

I have a new Nano B01 and flashed it with nv-jetson-nano-sd-card-image-r32.3.1. It seems that the pure gstreamer USB video transfer is a bit faster, however programs using nvcompositor or opencv make problems. They are slower compared to the old kit and jetson-nano-sd-r32.2.1. Before I’m going to investigate it, my question:
Are there known problems with nvcompositor or opencv in r32.3.1?
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We collect quick fix for known issues in
No issue about nvcompositor is reported in r32.3.1. However, there is one in r32.2.1:
[GSTREAMER]High CPU loading in nvcompositor

Please share how you do the comparison. We would like to reproduce same observation and do further check. Thanks.

DaneLLL, thank you very much.
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