Are there plans for FFV1 hardware encoding and decoding support


I’m curious whether FFV1 hardware encoding and decoding is on the roadmap – it’s a very popular preservation codec in public archives because it’s lossless and openly licensed (, though I haven’t seen any fixed-function implementations despite its maturity at this point. In my professional life it is by far the most common codec that I encode to which is not currently supported by NVENC (in fact, virtually the only one), and it is often used for very, very large files that a hardware implementation would be very useful for. Compared to AV1 encoding, I believe it should be far easier to support, and I think there would be widespread interest in such a project at e.g. and other venues.


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I would really interested by this as well. Had you the opportunity to study the algorithm? If yes, do you think it can take advantage of parallel computation?