Are there registers or any other options that can be set which will affect performance?

As we all know, there are many registers (like msr in x86 CPU) on CPU which can be set with tools or set with BIOS. The value in registers change the action of CPU computing, which affects the performance.

Are there any registers of this kind on the SoC of ConnectX-5? How to read and write to them?

What’s more, is there any knobs (for example, knobs which indicate the buffer or queue) on SoC of ConnectX-5 or driver or protocal of this network card?

What I wanna do:

The general settings of ConnectX-5 may not suit for every kind of workload. I wanna find knobs which may affect the actions of ConnectX-5 and tune them.

I have read linux tuning from the aspect of TCP/UDP/kernel/NUMA bind and so on. But I wanna tune ConnectX-5 with OFED with HPC workload running.

So, are there knobs of ConnectX-5? (Not only limited to registers on SoC, driver, protocal stack)

Hello Zh,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Networking Community.

Based on the information provided, the adapter f/w controls all the features and OOB tunes the adapter for the best performance possible,

Tuning the adapter to interact with the OS, is done through the Performance Tuning Guidelines provided through the following link →

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~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support