Are there text versions of the tutorials?

Are there text versions of the video tutorials somewhere?

I find videos to be terrible for technical learning, for a few reasons:

  1. They don’t show up on Google for keyword search.

  2. I can’t “ctrl-F” in a browser window to find the specific thing I want to know.

  3. I have to follow the presenter’s pace, rather than my own pace. Some things, I want to skim quickly. Other things, I want to make sure I really get, and re-read several times, while typing it out in my own editor.

  4. Can’t copy-and-paste examples from videos to play with and make sure I understand them.

Videos are okay for very high-level material, especially when the audience doesn’t already have familiarity with the area. It’s terrible for reference material, and it’s pretty bad for heterogenous study (different skill and aptitude levels of the audience.)
They are not a good match for a deeply technical study area.

This may not be much help but many of the tutorials are youtube videos. You can get a text transcript on youtube by going to the video, clicking the “… More” button below the video and choosing Transcript. It can be useful to skip filler.

It might be useful to state which particular video tutorials to which you are referring. Just sayin’

The Jetson tutorial videos that are listed on the Jetson tutorials page linked to by the “here are the tutorials” post stickied in this very forum.
For example, these:

The YouTube annotation is … not quite there, especially from a googling/reference point of view.
And many of these tutorials use some god-awful “webinar” player rather than YouTube.