Are URDF transmission elements supported?

I am trying to use with my URDF file instead of mjcf/nv_humanoid.xml. self.gym.get_asset_actuator_properties(humanoid_asset) returns an empty list, even though I have the following transmission in my URDF file:

  <transmission name="left_elbow_trans">
    <joint name="left_elbow_joint">
    <actuator name="left_elbow_act">

Are actuators supported when using URDF files?

Note also that self.gym.get_asset_actuator_count(humanoid_asset) returns zero, so it looks like this issue is related to Gym.get_asset_actuator_count does not return the actuator count from URDF assets

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I tried to use my URDF file with 1.0preview2, and self.gym.get_asset_actuator_count() still returns zero.

Hi @jim.rothrock,

I’m afraid that we don’t currently support the URDF transmission extension. Our team is looking into this to determine if we can support it in the future.