ARGUS API - source of analog gain range

I have Leopard Imagining set of Jetson TX2 and IMX390 cameras. I am fiddling a little with the driver. The sensor itself can set analog gain in range 0…30 dB with 0.3 step and digital gain 0…42 dB with 0.3 step. I want to utilize it in full, so I would like to set gain in range 0…72 dB.

I have changed the tegra186-camera-imx390-a00.dtsi file, adjusted config of the sensor and code of the driver. Unfortunatelly in argus_camera I still get Gain range 1.122 … 31.623. I can set value outside this range via v4l2-ctl.

What should I change in order to be able to set gain in range 0…72 dB via ARGUS API?

Did you change the max_gain_val in the dts file?

Thanks for prompt reply.

I have changed tegra186-camera-imx390-a00.dtsi accordingly to my camera setup (6x IMX390) file, and for all cameras settings related to gain are as follows :

					min_gain_val = "0"; /* dB */
					max_gain_val = "72"; /* dB */
					gain_step_pitch = "0.3";

My configuration for in driver (v4l2 version 1.0):
.ops = &imx390_ctrl_ops,
.name = “Gain”,
.step = (3 * FIXED_POINT_SCALING_FACTOR / 10), /* 0.3 db */

The gain controls in argus_camera are responsive, but the range remains 1.122 … 31.623.

Could you share the argus_camera screen shot to know it well due to we are WFH can’t access the device

Of course. I am expecting that changes in dtsi and driver will be reflected in range of values in Gain range field.

Problem solved, it was my fault.

I didn’t updated the device tree with newly compiled version (

Now I can see changes in argus_camera