Argus camera dynamic brightness control using setExposureCompensation() in mmapi

In my application, it is initialising the dual camera with AE, AWB, etc, and then stream them.
while streaming, I need to control the brightness by changing EV using setExposureCompensation() in the callback function by SIGNAL.

However, setExposureCompensation is working in the initialisation step, but after starting capturing it is not changing to the brightness eventhough it is successfully called in the callback function as below.

Sould I stop the capturing when I need to change the EV value?
Here are the code snippet of initialization and the call back function.

Thank you.


    m_iAutoControlSettings = interface_cast<IAutoControlSettings>(

    //AE Compensation
    //-2.0f ~ 2.0f
    Argus::Status result = m_iAutoControlSettings->setExposureCompensation(m_target_brightness_ev);
    printf("iAutoControlSettings->setExposureCompensation result = %d\n", result);

    signal(SIGUSR2, argusCallbackHandler);
    m_logger->info("set the argues callback handler");


in the callback function

/// argus request
    Request *req = m_iCaptureSession->createRequest();
    IRequest *ireq = interface_cast<IRequest>(req);
    if (!ireq) m_logger->warn("Failed to create IRequest interface");

    IAutoControlSettings *iAutoControlSettings = interface_cast<IAutoControlSettings>(
    if (!m_iAutoControlSettings) {
        m_logger->info("Failed to create IAutoControlSettings interface");
    Argus::Status result = iAutoControlSettings->setExposureCompensation(new_target_brightness);
    m_logger->info("iAutoControlSettings->setExposureCompensation result = {}", result);

Suppose shouldn’t have any restricted.
Please verify by argus_camera GUI


found out that you should let the capture know the updated request.

so do this below again.

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