Argus capping exposure time far below max_exp_time

I can’t seem to get argus to allow exposures over 32.999ms.
Our device tree has:

exposure_factor = "1000000"; 
min_exp_time = "49";
max_exp_time = "52978";
step_exp_time = "1";
default_exp_time = "2000";

but commanding an exposure over 32.999ms has no effect.
I confirmed this by adding in a print statement to the driver file where exposure is applied, and it stops being called entirely over 32.999ms, so the cap that is preventing longer exposures is elsewhere. I also printed the max value as specified by the device tree in the print from the driver, and it reflects what we have specified in the device tree, so the value is being assigned correctly.

I have tried doubling/tripling the max value, just in case, and saw no change in behavior.

Try set the frame rate <= 10fps

Yeah, I failed to realize that frame rate would limit the exposure.
Oops! Thank you.

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