Argus image correction order


I have a question about the Argus ISP pipeline:

In which order are the various correction like the WhiteBalance, ColorCorrretion, Saturation, Denoise, ToneMapCurve, … applied?

I suspect the following order for the major processing steps:

BayerImg → WhiteBalance → Debayer → ColorCorection → ToneMapCurve → YUV Conversion

Is this correct?

And where are the BAYER and RGB Histogram calculated in this pipeline?

I am using a Jetson Xavier NX with the Jetpack 4.6.2 (L4T 32.7.2)

hello rbayr,

why you asking this? may I know what’s the actual camera use-case?

Its a quiet simple use case: I would like to get some pretty images.
However my Camera has a Bias to green in the raw data, which resulted in a slight greenish fog on the captured images.

I would like to dampen the green a little and I am now searching for the best processing step to do this.

hello rbayr,

yes, that’s correct process steps.
however, please contact with Jetson Camera Partners for image tuning supports.

Thanks for the clarification on the processing order.

Could you also clarify where, in this pipeline, the Histograms are generated?

hello rbayr,

it’s before WhiteBalance stage.
there’s API to access the bayer statistic, i.e. Argus::ICaptureMetadata::getBayerHistogram.

Thanks for the info.

I have still one question, is the RGB Histogram generated before or after the corrections (like the CCM or ToneMapping)?

hello rbayr,

it’s before IQ related, such as CCM, ToneMap…etc corrections.
however, the bayer statistic is calculated after bad pixel corrections, black-level corrections.

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