Argus issues capturing 2 streams from 2 cameras in 1 capture session

With a capture session associated with two sensors, I can get a single synced stream from each, but not two from each or even two from one.
I can get two streams from one sensor with only one sensor in the capture session. Adding another sensor to the vector when I make the capture session breaks two stream capture from the first sensor.
The argus errors are consistent across the various ways I’ve tried it.
This isn’t a huge issue since it will be broken into two capture sessions soon anyway.
Curious if anybody knows what these errors mean and if what I was trying to do was even reasonable or semi-correct.

SCF: Error BadParameter: sourceIndex is not unique (in src/components/CaptureSetupEngineImpl.cpp, function genInstructionsCoordinatedCamera(), line 1341)
SCF: Error BadParameter: (propagating from src/components/CaptureSetupEngineImpl.cpp, function doGetInstructions(), line 1707)
SCF: Error BadParameter: (propagating from src/components/CaptureSetupEngine.cpp, function setupCC(), line 167)
SCF: Error BadParameter: (propagating from src/api/Session.cpp, function capture(), line 726)
(Argus) Error BadParameter: Failed to submit first capture request (propagating from src/api/CaptureSessionImpl.cpp, function submitCaptureRequests(), line 301)(Argus) Error BadParameter: (propagating from src/api/CaptureSessionImpl.cpp, function captureInternal(), line 249)

Hi dhp
You can reference to multi source single session locate the …/tegra_multimedia_api/argus/sample/syncSensor