ARGUS RAW16 Support

So, I am building a project based on your Argus cudaBayerDemosaic example which uses RAW_16 format. From the example, I found out that the values are 14-bit based, even when my sensor is a 10bit sensor.

My project is working as expected, but before going into production I would like to know more about the RAW_16 format since there is not much documentation. Why there is this bit shift, what happens with the data (is there any more processing involved? Do I have any kind of altering of the original data or even losing depth in some processing step?).

Will I get the same data as with V4L2, but just bitshifted?

As far from my tests, even auto exposure seems to work fine like this.

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You should get 10bit raw as sensor output from v4l2, and you can check TRM for the bit shift.

Allright, that makes sense now.
Since you didnt say anything about other processing, I am assuming there is no processing involved and data should be same as using v4l2, correct? (except the bitshift).
Thank you!

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