Argus - Segmentation fault issue


We developed an application for streaming from 2 cameras at approximately 30 frames per second. We’ve integrated a backup solution whereby if Argus encounters an error following the issue in this topic :
Argus Error: Freezing Streams with Multiple Cameras ,it triggers a restart of both the producer and consumer. However, after approximately 2 hours, the application crashes with a segmentation fault on “” and below is an exemple of the call stack:

We use:

  • Jetson AGX Orin
  • Jetpack 5.1.3 / L4T 35.5.0
  • Argus library


Please get the daemon log if more information.


Hello @ShaneCCC , thank you for the answer.
Here is the daemon log while launching the 2 streams when the application crashes.

argus_init.txt (124.9 KB)


Please apply the attached libs and RCE firmware to verify the problem. (8.4 MB) (193.6 KB)

camera-rtcpu-t234-rce.img.r35.5.asynchronous (519.3 KB)

Hello @ShaneCCC,
Thank you for your answer.
We tested the libs provided and seems to solve both issues SegFault and the freeze here : Freeze argus
We would like to know, when it maybe a new release with those fixes ?

Yes, suppose the change should be included in next release.


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