ArgusCsiCamera and April Tags


I am currently trying to get the April Tag detection running with an IMX219 camera on a Jetson Nano Board using JetPack 4.3 and ISAAC SDK version 2019.3.

I got the April Tag detection example with a generic USB camera running.
I also got the Argus camera example working.

However, when trying to combine these two, I get following Error Message:
PANIC ./engine/gems/image/utils.hpp@100: row count mismatch: 720 vs 0

I basically tried to connect the camera node (in this case using the isaac.ArgusCsiCamera component instead of the isaac.V4L2Camera component) with the April tag detection node, just as the April tag sample app did.

Afaik, both use the ColorCameraProto Struct, so they should be interchangeable. Is this assumption correct?

Inside the ColorCameraProto Struct there is an ImageProto Struct. I cant seem to find any documentation on that. Is there any?

Looking at the code in utils.hpp, it seems that the TargetContainer in the Copy(...) function (I guess this function is called somewhere in the act of transferring the image from the camera node to the April Tag detection node) expects a size of 0, which doesn’t seem to make any sense to me.

Could you help me here? I am very new to the Isaac SDK.

Also: In the Isaac Documentation for the April Tag Gem there is the following line:

AprilTags detection and pose estimation is wrapped as an Isaac codelet, and is available in the Isaac repository.

Where can I find that “Isaac repository”? Where can I find the source code to the all the pecompiled shared objects (,,, etc.) ?

Thank you