ARM-Android-NVIDIA Project Configuration?

Hi All,
I have a laptop with visual studio 2015 installed; I do a lot of C++ development for Android, and I always install the Nvidia Tegra Android Developer Pack to get that started. Not because I do a lot of Tegra work, but because it installs the following project/solution configs for Visual Studio:

  • AArch64-Android-NVIDIA
  • x86-Android-NVIDIA
  • x64-Android-NVIDIA
  • ARM-Android-NVIDIA

These configs have been extremely helpful in my work; for example I was able to add an ARM-Android-NVIDIA configuration to the libsndfile solution and compile libsndfile for Arm v7 Android phones (giving me access to numerous sound formats in C++.)

I am trying to move to Visual Studio 2017, but the Nsight installer doesn’t detect it. That I understand, and I’m sure it’ll be fixed in due time. However I was wondering if it was possible to add these Nvidia solution configurations to 2017 somehow, configured to use my local Android SDK/NDK paths.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Basically adding a solution config to Visual Studio that knows to use the NDK toolchain installed by the TADP installer.

Thanks for any help,


[P.S] The reason I use the Nvidia configs over whatever cross platform development thing Microsoft installs is that the Nvidia one has much better C++ support and is much easier to use. MS could take a page out of your book.

Hi mynameisjohn,

Currently, we don’t support VS2017. we will support VS2017 in the future.