ARM-Linux Developer Driver with CUDA support

Hi all,

I would like to know if it exists Developer version of the the driver for ARMv7 processor with CUDA support.

I am working on CarmaKit and there is a “standard” version of the driver without cuda support… the file is missing and I cannot compile gpu_module of OpenCV library.

Thank you

Looks like this question was re-asked in a different way, and answered, here:

I would like to know about the support for linux of the armv8 architecture.
From the documentation, it seems it is not available after version 6.5 of the cuda toolkit.

Will it be made available in the next versions, or Nvidia has decided not to support the armv8 architecture with linux? I could find the armv8 support only for android operating system.

I am involved in a project in which we need to connect an Nvidia gpu (for instance, the quadro m4000) to an armv8 cpu. How can we achieve this goal?
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