Arm side OFED seem to be error???

We get the bfb file from support

which seems to have CentOS and latest OFED installed.

But the OFED driver seems not work there.

below cmd all in arm side:

ls /dev/infiniband/

rdma_cm uverbs0 uverbs1


ibpanic: [13850] main: stat of IB device ‘mlx5_0’ failed: No such file or directory


result is too long, but every infiband device have 10 port and only the first two ports of mlx5_1 and the first port of mlx5_0 is actiove but there default gid is all ‘unknow’ with base lid: ‘0x0’ and sm lid: ‘0x0’, I know sm lid 0x0 because we have no opensm service in the subnet, but why the others are all unknown or 0x0?

systemctl opensmd start failed

from the log we see

“No local ports detected!”

What can we do with BludField so 'smar’NIC ?