arm-trusted-firmware on TX2

Hi Guys,
Is there any document to show how to burn and run arm-trusted-firmware on TX2?

Now I can only found relative document here. I also build bl31 image file. But where and how to use this bl31 files and is this related with u-boot image file?



We working on a project where we would also like to build TF-A for TX2 to provide a key management service. We do not need a Trusted OS such as Trusty but would simply like to use Trustzone to manage encryption keys. Like user 53216142 we are interested in knowing how the TF-A SW can be integrated to the TX2 boot flow to replace the TOS.img.

The files in ARM Trusted Firmware-A ( imply that the T186 is supported so we are interested if anyone has attempted replacing the TOS.img that comes with Jetpack.



We have not open sourced ATF source code yet. But we contribute to ARM ATF source. I will check internally if upstream ATF should boot on TX2 or not. In that case, you can download and build and replace TOS.img with your binary


any update yet? can the ARM ATF open source be compiled for the TX2?
I didn’t see the ATF source files released in the L4T sources.